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RDM in funding support

Early planning of your research data management not only has the advantage of creating a transparent framework for the uniform handling of data in a project. It is also important in terms of possible costs for RDM. You can apply for funding for staff (e.g. for the development and administration of research infrastructure) or even the infrastructure itself (e.g. INF project in SFBs).

10 questions about RDM during the application phase
  1. Are there any guidelines for the handling of research data (e.g. from the funding organization, the research institution, the project partner or the discipline)?
  2. Have there been assigned responsibilities for research data management in the project?
  3. Is there a data management plan für the project?
  4. Will you use the IT-infrastructure of TU Berlin for storage? Did you already contact ZECM on this?
  5. Will you use third-party research data? Will you need funding for access to this data?
  6. Do you plan to use external repositories for archiving and/or publication of research data? If so, which ones?
  7. Is there a publication strategy for research data and publications in your project (e.g. open access)?
  8. Will you need funding for archiving and/or publishing the research data?
  9. Will you apply for staff to manage the research data and/or the administrate the technical infrastructure?
  10. Is it ensured that the staff is trained in the handling of research data?

Contact & advice

The Research and Technology Transfer Department (V) staff will give you further advice on national and international research funding and on project proposals.

If you are interested, the teams of the University Library and Dep. V are also happy to offer joint consultations.

German Research Foundation (DFG)

FH 725
Cooperative projects

FH 718
Collaborative Research Centres (SFB), Research Units (FOR)

FH 503
Research Training Groups (GRK)

FH 710
Cooperative projects

FH 717
Individual projects (also postdoctoral funding)

» Website: Research Promotion Section (V C)


EU projects

FH 606
EU projects

FH 608
EU projects

FH 609
ERC proposals

» Website: EU Office (V E)

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